The Optimal Fitness Program Guarantees results

Using our 3 Pillar System.

It's designed to cover every part of your health, and weight loss.


The 3 Pillar system has been battle tested over the last 10 years leaving nothing to chance.

This Scientifically proven formula not only gets results but also helps boost productivity and confidence.

We Tailor every plan individually.

This means we work with and around your lifestyle, allowing you the time to still work but also see you family and socialise.


  • 1 on 1 Coaching with Ed

  • Access to the OHF App with all you personal training plans

  • Personalised Nutrition

  • Professional Accountability 

  • OHF (Optimal Health & Fitness) Supplement Recommendations

  • OHF Nutrition Guide

  • OHF Busy lifestyle strategy

  • OHF Recipe Guides 

  • OHF Alternate Fuel List

If you would like to see how we can use our 3 Pillar system to transform your health and fitness.

Email on:-

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