Health & Fitness... I live it. Since I was a kid, I’ve been active, fit and healthy.

Once I had worked out I wasn’t good enough to play sport for a living. I decided to dedicate my life to helping others achieve their dreams instead.

After working in the fitness industry for 15 years + I’ve seen what works and doesn’t!


I've sifted though all the BS (Basically people trying to sell you a magic pill, detox's, fad diets and training regimes pretty much anything trying to sell you unrealistic results) and helped 1000’s of people transform there lives along the way.


I’ve planted my feet firmly in the ground (my 3 kids keep me in check😂)

I want to show the world why strict dieting and extreme workouts are the absolute worst way to change your body - my knees are aching just thinking about all the pointless burpees I’ve done.

I've never been more excited to share everything I've learned with you in a simple and easy to follow manner...

So you can look... and more importantly feel the way that most people only dream of .

This isn't your normal run of the mill fitness program

DON'T Read Any Further If:

  • You want a diet that is impossible to stick with.

  • You want a diet with food that you hate.

  • You want to track every calorie you eat.

  • You want impossible fitness routines that only super fit people can do.

  • You want time consuming workouts that won’t get you real results.

  • You want to waste your time and money.

DO Keep Reading If:

  • You want a diet with foods you love.

  • You want a diet that’s easy to follow.

  • You want a diet that lets you go out to eat.

  • You want a diet that lets you have the occasional drink.

  • You want a simple workout routine that doesn’t waste time.

  • You want an exercise routine that you can actually do.

  • You want to use your time and money wisely.

Need some help?


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Do you want make a real change to your body?

My Optimal Fitness Online Program is proven to change you lifestyle, mindset and transformed.

It gives clarity - structure - accountability but most importantly RESULTS

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