The modern OLD body Our system to pain FREE joints & fitness freedom!

Now before I start with any of this, I don’t want you to think this is a character assassination 

Far from it, everything I say her is because if want the best for you, your life and your health

Did you know that 70% of the country suffers from joint pain?

However I truly believe that exercise can cure 75% of this pain! 

I’ve seen it happen too many times to it to be a coincidence 

The Biggest problem is our modern day body isn’t used in the way it was organised designed for

We have become a lazy society - some our fault, some not

We sit for for long 

Behind desks, on sofas and in cars 

We pick things up by bending over, not squatting down (watch a kid pick stuff up off the floor…) 

We even have tools to help us put socks on

This all means that our bodies, their muscles and skeletal system isn’t used in the way it wasn’t designed. 

On top of this, our body is clever, far smarter than us

It’s survived over thousands of years because it conserves energy whenever possible. 

In the modern body this means not using big muscles, or muscles at all as they take up more energy. 

Instead we use the smaller muscles or your skeleton.

Either way it’s not great for a full functioning, strong body

That moves the way we want without any joint pain. 

It means that smaller muscles get over loaded with strain they cannot take, therefore get stiff and tight so not to get damaged.

Normally to fix this most people go to the doctor and get refer to for injections or at worst surgery! 

And while this might be necessary for a few people its not the case for most (its one of the reasons the NHS stopped doing so may cartilage repairs on knees, they weren't necessary and didn't work the majority of the time...

So, What if I were to tell you we have a way that the majority can be fixed through exercise

Look at the knee for instance

it take 80% of your weight, so needs to be stronger and robust

Yet when was the last time you properly exercises it through a full range of motion to help it maintain its strength...

You probably didn't because it hurt too much or you couldn't get into the right position

HOWEVER There is good news is there are solutions to all of this. 

No matter your age

No matter you level of fitness 

Not matter how bad you think things might have got

You can build a strong, robust and mobile body

I order to do this you need 2 things 

  1. Believe you can do it, not thinking your life is harder than someone else’s or your body is not designed the same way as everyone else's 

  2. Knowledge of how to fix your l body. This includes where to start, how to progress each phase pain free, where you are at the moment and where you should be as standard. 

With all our experience of helping and curing people over and over again we have developed our own Optimal system. 

It has been split into different sections. 

As much as we are all different and have different lives, our bodies are designed the same and misused in the same way. 

This leads to the same problems 

BUT also the same solutions 

So we have different standards and different sections of the body 

Such as



Hips and lower back 

Upper back 


For instance with ankle - you should be able to perform 12 full range calf raises (on a slant board) with 20% of your body weight. 

If and when you build upto this it will

Improve ankle mobility and strengthen the joint to eliminate ankle discomfort and pain. 

Your plan can then be split again into 3 sections…

Performance/fitness, weightloss or strength

Depending on what your long term goal might be. 

These are all pretty self explanatory

This is just a glimpse of what we do with people at optimal on a daily basis 

And what helps separate US from your bog standard PT who will just put you through a bit of an exercise routine

Alongside support and accountability that is over and above the norm! 

If you have a fitness goal in mind but don’t feel you can achieve it 

Please get in touch to find out if we can help you. 

Good luck on your fitness journey and I hope the above make sense and helps. 

I honestly believe anyone can achieve their fitness goal

You just have to let us 

Chat soon 

Team Optimal