What is Motivation?How to make yourself more motivated to exercise

I hate seeing posts on social media that start with Monday motivation. Like Monday is the only day that people find it hard to get motivated for 😂 If that was the case it would be easy, you'd just chill on Mondays are train the other days in the week. There are 3 main reasons people struggle to get motivated. You might struggle with 1 or all 3. But I promise if you get these sorted out you'll start getting some real success with your health and fitness! 1) You have no real goal, I get lots of people come to me to get fit for a wedding or holiday, but after that the main goal is lose a couple lbs etc. A couple of lbs isn't really enough to move the needle for motivation. It has to be something you really care about, you have to have an honest conversation with yourself. The better your goal setting get's the easier you will build motivation! 2) Structure - I see so many people who don't who what they are doing or when they are doing it, they just know they want change, but if you have no structure you are making it nearly impossible for yourself to build motivation! Because what are you actually getting yourself motivated to do, you have no plan to put into action. 3) Enjoyment - Now...I've got nothing against Joe Wicks, I actually think he's a very clever man. But my idea of fun isn't jumping around the living room doing burpees, Personally I hate it! If you don't enjoy the type of exercises your doing why would you ever be motivated to do them! There are always going to be a few necessary evils but your training plan shouldn't be based off this entirely. There's more than 1 way to skin a cat... Start to implement these 3 into your training and it will transform your motivation levels. If you need help with all this its what we cover in the Optimal 7 Day Free Trail You can sign up with the link below Have a great week Ed