Should you SquatIs Squatting actually as good as people say it isπŸ€”

I'll just come out and say it! But for me squats are overrated. I know you hear people bang on about the all the time, as if they are the greatest exercise ever you'd think they are something special. Well I don't think they are, I actually think for a lot of people they are πŸ’© Before you disagree with, me hear me out I've been training people for over 15 years now. On average in the time I do 30 PT sessions a week. As well as group sessions. I don't want to do the math but that's a lot of people. Point being in this time the amount of people who have been able to squat properly is minimal. HOWEVER, the amount who haven't is massive. This isn't the squats problem as such, however it means that lots of people are trying to do something that they just can't do. (Before they start training with usπŸ˜‰ ) It's due to people sitting so much, modern day life dictates it, think about it, you sit on the sofa, you sit in your car on the bus at work. This means that your hips, hamstrings, quads, lower back and body in general gets super tight. This is why when people come for sessions my big thing is to try and open the up, introduce a bit more movement with exercises such as lunges. YES, you should one day be able to move properly in a squat pattern! But, i'd far rather do something that will make you stronger, more mobile & flexible over load and eventually injury your spine. Moral of the story.... Learn to lunge properly and then go from there πŸ’ͺ Need help becoming more mobile, fitter, stronger & healthier? Go back to the home page and sign up for our Free Trial PT session offer.

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