Training Mentality 3 Ingredients to long lasting fitness

For as long as I have been a PT (that’s a long time now) There have been 2 main aspects to training people Diet & Training Mostly people just want to train, they think to make m a break through that’s what they need Then after a while they figure out that trainings great, it makes you stronger, fitter, more mobile, injury free etc BUT then They starts to realise without diet they won’t get the results they truley want. More energy, productivity, weightloss, better skin eyes hair etc So we have to make both work hand in hand, and at optimal we are all over this! We have our proven system in place that guarantees you results (as long as you listen and do they work) But in recent times there has been a 3rd element come into play. Mental health, well-being whatever you might call it. And it’s hear to stay In the past people didn’t use to talk about it, but the modern era of smart phone s and social media has change the game. We learn more, understand more and open up More You see if your not in the right head space your diet and training won’t be good If your training isn’t good your well being and diet won’t be and if you diets not your training and we’ll being won’t be They all work together So we have to take them all on board We us practices like cold therapy & breathing to help empower and de stress our clients. If your looking for a program that does just grind you into the ground That looks after all parts of your health, mental and physical The we might well be a great fit for you To find out more…

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